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L'enseignement est difficile

J’ai eu la chance d’enseigner1 la programmation lors de la session d’automne 2024 au cégep Ahuntsic. L’expérience a été extraordinaire et je souhaite continuer. Comme souvent dans la vie, j’ai été surpris à bien des égards et j’aimerais partager mon expérience. Mon curriculum vitae D’abord, un peu de contexte à propos de moi. Bien que ça fait à peu près 15 ans que je programme professionnellement, je n’ai jamais étudié l’informatique.

Using Java Records In Real Codebase

In recent years, Java has introduced an impressive number of features. The development of Java has historically been relatively slow; it took about 2.5 years to go from Java 7 to Java 8, then 3.5 years to reach Java 9. But since Java 11, there has been a new Java release every 6 months, and these days LTS1 versions are released every two years. Some features attract a lot of eyeballs.

Personal Introduction To C#

Background I have never learned C# for two main reasons. First, as C# is a direct competitor to java, I have always favoured to use a technology I already master over a new technology. Second, I am a member of the Microsoft Haters Social Club; for almost theological reasons, I avoid anything that is remotly close to the MS world. Consequently, C# was label “I know it exists” by my brain for many years.

Finally a Solid LaTeX Alternative: Typst

Introduction In recent years, we have seen several game-changing software such as duckdb, web assembly and unison just to name a few. To this list, we can now add typst. Typst is a modern, markdown-inspired, typesetting system that aims to be as powerful as LaTeX. Typst takes as input source code to output a pdf. This blog does not pretend to be a tutorial, but instead tries to shed some light on an outstanding technology.

Composition of Nix Flakes

Nix flakes allow to include system dependencies from software that are not published on the nix packages repository but that are themselves flakes. This post will explain how to achieve this. Context We would like to create a document using the new markup language named typst. Typst presents itself as a markdown like language that produces pdf; moreover, typst promise to be as powerful as latex. At the time of writing, typst is not yet published on nix package repository.

Building a Yarn Project With Nix Flake

Nix is the weirdest software I have worked with. After about a year of playing with it, I am still unsure if I should continue with my experimentations. Nonetheless, if you are interested to build a yarn project with nix, I will explain my solution. To improve the readability of this post, there is an example project (yarn-nix-example) that demonstrates the idea. yarn-nix-example is a basic node/yarn project that builds a static website using parcel.