Links To Amazing Blogs

Here’s a list of blogs that deserve attention in no particular order.


Daniel Lemire is the author of an amazing blog that discuss low level computing. In this blog, you will find answers to questions such as “what is the fastest way know if a string is element of a small set of strings”.

Xe Iaso

Aesthetically, this blog can be ranked first according to my standards. Disregarding personal taste, this is the best source of knowledge about nix that I have found. Moreover, Xe has great content about rust, go and so many more topics.

Dragan Rocks

This is the place to learn about data science and engineering in clojure. Dragan’s books are amazing. The topic of GPU computation on the jvm is not discussed enought and here is the place to talk about it more.

BIG by Matt Stoller

When I see a Matt Stoller’s email in my inbox, I am happy. The BIG news letter is an elite, research journalism news letter about monopolies in our society. If you are interrested in the modern robber barrons that rules our world, you must subscribe to the BIG news letter.